Windows to Wisdom 8x8 Collage on Canvas

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back from vacation, ideas rolling around in my head, and some empty, I finished this 8 x 8 collage on canvas today. Here's how: I covered the entire surface with "Taffy" acrylic paint. Then I added a wash of light brown paint and let it drizzle. I added my squiggle writing message. I decided that my squiggle writing would be the emphasis. Using a small alphabet, I stamped the words "windows" and "wisdom". I added music,shorthand strips, and tissue that I had practiced stamping on gluing with gel medium. Next, using bubble wrap, I added some stamping with chalk stamp. Makes a nice overlap. I have been collecting windows from magazines so I "auditioned" them (Thanks, Lenna). Since my design was all about my squiggle writing, I went back with my fine tip Sharpie to thicken the lines. Noticing where lines overlapped or made a natural connection, I added to them. This is the "it just happens" moment that I love about collage. Then, I glued on the windows. added more lines, and randomly glued on a tissue with music pieces embedded. Also, put circles around dots with a bronze pen. Red paper and some must have flip flop stamp was the final touches. Windows on Wisdom is definitely one-of-a-kind. The process is my formula for an interesting and fun collage.


  1. the colours are different for you beth, i think. must be starting with the lighter paint? i love your scribble writing background!

  2. Beth, I'm so happy that you left a comment on my giveaway post!!! Now I can oooooo and aaaaaw over your beautiful work! Love the way you used the shorthand in this piece -- quite a lost art! I used to love taking shorthand notes!

    Good luck in my drawing! Hugs, Terri