My garden- lilies

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 2 Garden

Since I live on a hill and it's very windy at times, some flowers just won't grow. Lilies will grow, so that's what I stick with. These are my favorites. They bloom late which makes it even better. Here is a daylily~ love the color!

I especially adore the trumpet lilies. So cool!

The rose is a David Austin

tucked back in a dark corner. It looks like it is floating. Of course, it is cloudy today and hopefully it will rain. I wanted to get pictures before the rain does these beauties in.


  1. I've noticed more lilies this year than ever. Must be a good year for them. Yours are lovely and I do believe I'll plant some at the new house.
    Love the way the colors change in the trumpet lily.
    Keep these garden posts coming - I love them.