She talks so much about digital collage..sooo show us

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Orange Barn Door"
"Simply Complicated"
"Tables Matter"

Photos I have taken with my IPhone, then manipulated, color added or changed.  Layered and printed on my own printer using archival paper and inks.  See my big grin?

Dandelions in my Garden

"Dandelions in my Garden"
38" x 38"
Collage on canvas
This project has been sitting on my work table for quite some time.  Between teaching classes and my digital collage, I was finally motivated to finish it.  It was the type of artwork that just didn't want to work. I don't know how many layers of gesso I used to cover up the parts I didn't like.  Much of the design is tissue, painting on tissue, and squiggle line on tissue. One thing I tried was putting tape on areas and then painting over it, moving the tape and painting another area.  Really liked the look.  Anyway, it was a great diversion from my new digital collage work.  

Entry in International Society of Experimental Artists

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"More Than Tea Leaves"
What an exciting year this has been!  My piece was accepted into the Experimental Artist's Show in San Pedro, CA.  The piece is a collagraph on watercolor paper.  I added leaves cut from black paper.  Then I did an overlay with teabags sewn together and embellished with a stitched leaf pattern.  It was also a thrill to go to the reception for this show in San Pedro. The symposium offered a three day session on digital collage.  I was hooked.  Digital collage- the next big thing.

In 2015, the show will be held at the Dennos Museum here in Traverse City.  I am part of the on-site committee. If anyone is interested, this would be a good year to join and come to the symposium September 2015.  I'll be there.

Waaaay Behind on Posting

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Been gone from my blog, but that doesn't mean I have been resting.  No, Sir!  I have been busy with shows, selling artwork as you can see below, teaching classes,  and making new work.  I am currently represented at the Gaylord Center for the Arts and AuSable Artisan Village in Grayling.  I will be showing my work at the Kingsley Branch Library from Nov. 12-26.  A reception will be held on Wed. Nov. 12 from 4 pm- 7 pm.  I will give a demonstration of collage techniques at 5.  Also, all of my work at that show will be available for 30% off the original price. Just an early start on Christmas.  I have been busy working on my largest project ever- a collage on canvas- 36" x 36".  Picture coming soon.  I also have been obsessing over my new found love- digital collage.  More on that soon, too.  And my son is working on a revamp for my blog.  Stay tuned.

"Ancient Springtime"
"Island Biker"