Doorway to Destiny 8 x 8 Collage on Canvas

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doorway to Destiny~ Collage on Canvas. Just had to get it out of my system. I have been thinking about doors and what lies behind them or what will happen when they are opened. Thus, this collage. Squiggle writing. Torn paper with stamping. Tim Holtz stamp of birds. Magazine images. Topped off with my flipflop spiral stamp. I know, very deep. But, art is an interpretaion. I want it to send a visual message filled with mystery and wonder. Happy Sunday!

Windows to Wisdom 8x8 Collage on Canvas

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back from vacation, ideas rolling around in my head, and some empty, I finished this 8 x 8 collage on canvas today. Here's how: I covered the entire surface with "Taffy" acrylic paint. Then I added a wash of light brown paint and let it drizzle. I added my squiggle writing message. I decided that my squiggle writing would be the emphasis. Using a small alphabet, I stamped the words "windows" and "wisdom". I added music,shorthand strips, and tissue that I had practiced stamping on gluing with gel medium. Next, using bubble wrap, I added some stamping with chalk stamp. Makes a nice overlap. I have been collecting windows from magazines so I "auditioned" them (Thanks, Lenna). Since my design was all about my squiggle writing, I went back with my fine tip Sharpie to thicken the lines. Noticing where lines overlapped or made a natural connection, I added to them. This is the "it just happens" moment that I love about collage. Then, I glued on the windows. added more lines, and randomly glued on a tissue with music pieces embedded. Also, put circles around dots with a bronze pen. Red paper and some must have flip flop stamp was the final touches. Windows on Wisdom is definitely one-of-a-kind. The process is my formula for an interesting and fun collage.

Wedding Collage

I put the finishing touches on a commissioned wedding collage honoring my friend's, son's wedding. (Boy, that was a mouthful). Brought back from their trip to Portland was a rock, a shell, beer coaster, wine lid and label, and a map of the area. I was sent photos of the wedding bouquet and the landscape of the wedding site...Haystack Rock. With a bit more information about the couple's stay, I found logos which I added to my collection. The key and the "G" charm rounded out the "stuff "to be used. I started by covering the entire surface of Multi-purpose board with "Taffy" acrylic paint. Next, my special squiggle writing message. I stamped the couple's names, places they went, food, and wedding sentiments. I used a copy of their map to make the background and then I built textures from there. I did stamping with bubble wrap, printing with my styrofoam designs, and additional card stock printing to create the layers. And, my flip flop stamp to add some depth.

Last, I added the memento's, and....viola, end results...a black framed shadow box. .

My friend is happy, I am happy, can't wait to get the reaction from the newly weds. I say, CHEERS, and what a thoughtful gift.

Save your mementos if you want a collage made.

ATC Swap Colour My World

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ATCs came! I was so happy when I got home from vacation to find the envelope with my swap cards. It felt like Christmas. And, how happy I was with my cards! First, a card from Barbara J., infact, #689. Colour My World Yellow-Needle in a Yellow Haystack. I was so intriqued with the small background straw and then I finally found the needle and the words written on the pieces so carefully cut. I love layering, and this was a definite wonderful.

The next card, by Julie W., a "Colour My World Chocolate" This card is made of fabric with chocolates. My favorite is the yarn chocolate. The tops of the chocolates are rough like a piece of netting, but I'm not sure. It gives the chocolates texture and depth. The card is delicate and maybe made out of silk. Another wonderful.

Card 3...from Sharon W. Color My World "Red Thread". Oh my, a card attached to a tag with a little red clip. Red thread, red feathers, small chinese writing, a metal spiral, on a beautiful red paper. Undo the clip and find the Chinese saying. Well, what to say??? It's really intricate, great presentation, and another wonderful!

I'm so glad Lenna chose these for my swap partners. I think the "red thread" has bound me to the card makers. Words don't express my gratitude for their act of creating and then sharing with me. I hope they find my cards to their liking. It was a great swap. I hope cards from these ladies find their way to my mailbox again.


Vacation: Quebec City

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just returned from our yearly vacation. This time to Quebec City. It is a wonderful busy city with many, many, many people enjoying the history and the old world feel. I highly recommend going there. We did all of the touristy things in Old Town and New Town except take a horse and carriage tour. We walked, and walked, and walked and ate and ate and ate! Every meal was delicious.
We stayed at Auberge Place d Armes on the only pedstrian street in the city, but right in the middle of everything. Our hotel staff was very helpful and friendly. Our room was comfortable...yes, including the bed.

Chateau Frontenac ( of course, no snow) Next to the park and our hotel.

Road the funicular down to Lower Town and then back up. Quite the deal. Went to two museum, so I'm cultured out. Loved the Inuit Art.
Really, I have no complains except that I've brought home some sort of allergy cough and I'm exhausted. Just happy to be back in the little house in the little country near the little town.

More garden

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My garden is still the highlight of my days. There is always something new blooming or something that needs to be done.

FB's vegetable garden- string beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zuchinni

Bunny topiary I made from a wire basket and Hens and chicks

Purple coneflower and Limelight Hydrangea

Sutter's Ball daylily and purple coneflower.

I vow to NOT buy any more plants since the season is winding down, but I'd still like one more lily to fill in the spot where I pulled out the geranium plants. These plants have pretty blue flowers, however, they get so scraggly. I just ripped them out! It also gives me the excuse to replace it, like I need an excuse.

Autumn clematis growing up a poplar tree in the backyard.

1000 Posts Giveaway Creative Lenna

Monday, August 8, 2011

I am happy to tell everyone about the 1000 Posts Giveaway that Lenna has initiated at her website. Lenna is a wonderful teacher and accomplished artist. I have been a part of her Collage on Canvas class and her Yahoo groups. She has a number of creative swaps going on right now including an ATC swap and a Postcard swap. I am involved in both of these swaps and have learned so much from Lenna's thorough instructions. I keep track of Lenna as she experiments in her Art Journal and posts the activities from her many classes. She is also a part time MailArt friend. Her knowledge and encouragement has opened up so many doors for me. She is my far away neighbor, but as close as my computer. So, this very talented lady has been posting and has reached 1000 posts. WOW! What an accomplishment! Congratulations, Lenna. Check out her classes, swaps, tutorials, and this giveaway by going to:

My garden- lilies

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 2 Garden

Since I live on a hill and it's very windy at times, some flowers just won't grow. Lilies will grow, so that's what I stick with. These are my favorites. They bloom late which makes it even better. Here is a daylily~ love the color!

I especially adore the trumpet lilies. So cool!

The rose is a David Austin

tucked back in a dark corner. It looks like it is floating. Of course, it is cloudy today and hopefully it will rain. I wanted to get pictures before the rain does these beauties in.

Pansies, Squares, and Papillon

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pansies, Squares, and Papillon~ 16x20 collage on canvas Whew, I have finished my latest collage on canvas creation. I have been working on it on and off for a month. I signed my name, so that means I can't obsess about it any more. I love the color and texture. The pansy image is from an antique postcard that I have had since a child. This canvas includes, painted paper, dyed paper, stamping using my styrofoam designs, and repeated texture building. I put my squiggle writing message in at the beginning and then a new message as I progressed with layers. It is definitely one-of -a kind. Any and all comments are welcome.