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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ATCs came! I was so happy when I got home from vacation to find the envelope with my swap cards. It felt like Christmas. And, how happy I was with my cards! First, a card from Barbara J., infact, #689. Colour My World Yellow-Needle in a Yellow Haystack. I was so intriqued with the small background straw and then I finally found the needle and the words written on the pieces so carefully cut. I love layering, and this was a definite wonderful.

The next card, by Julie W., a "Colour My World Chocolate" This card is made of fabric with chocolates. My favorite is the yarn chocolate. The tops of the chocolates are rough like a piece of netting, but I'm not sure. It gives the chocolates texture and depth. The card is delicate and maybe made out of silk. Another wonderful.

Card 3...from Sharon W. Color My World "Red Thread". Oh my, a card attached to a tag with a little red clip. Red thread, red feathers, small chinese writing, a metal spiral, on a beautiful red paper. Undo the clip and find the Chinese saying. Well, what to say??? It's really intricate, great presentation, and another wonderful!

I'm so glad Lenna chose these for my swap partners. I think the "red thread" has bound me to the card makers. Words don't express my gratitude for their act of creating and then sharing with me. I hope they find my cards to their liking. It was a great swap. I hope cards from these ladies find their way to my mailbox again.


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  1. beth, what a lovely post. I especially liked how you took each ATC and put it on a little easel!!!!!! So special and wonderful. i am so glad you are enjoying your returns, thank you for participating!!! lenna