Halloween Giveaway Challenge Alpha Stamps

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Halloween Giveaway Challenge from Alpha Stamps looks like fun to create a Halloween entry using Alpha Stamps or Halloween Collage Sheets. Get your work published on their blog and win a Halloween pack. Sounds like a good deal. Find the details here:

Sunday Postcard Art: Squares

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Postcard Art Theme: Squares

I was so enthused about doing postcards that I couldn't pass up the Sunday Postcard challenge. After squiggle writing, stamping with square rubber stamps, adding numbers in squares, creating a large and small square stamp out of styrofoam, and cutting large and small squares from magazines, I stamped and then glued on my squares with gel medium. Overtop, I layered squares from a paper napkin. I love the way the background shows through the tissue. This 4x6 postcard is fittingly called "Postcard from a Square" and the greeting is ...C U Around. Hope you like my wacky postcard.

Postcard Swap~A Summer's Day...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Postcard Swap with Creative Lenna

Theme: A Summer's Day .....

It says: "A Summer's Day is as sweet as butterfly kisses"

I sent my postcards off today hoping that they arrive safely. I sent a postcard to Lenna beforehand as did another participant. I thought it was such a nice idea, so I did it too.

Here is what I did to make my postcards:

On a piece of designed paper, I stamped with acrylic paint using my styrofoam design. Then I used a butterfly rubberstamp and a Tim Holtz butterfly stamp randomly around the paper. I cut the paper in 4"x5 3/4"sizes.

Next I cut out images. Used chalk ink around the edges of the saying which I created using the computer. Auditioned images ( thanks Lenna) until I was happy with the placement and glued them to the printed paper with a glue stick.

In this step, I put a coat of gel medium over the entire surface to make sure everything stayed in place. My work surface is waxed paper that I can turn over as I put on the gel medium.Using Yes glue and applied with an old credit card, I adhered my filefolder background to the butterfly front and used a brayer to get out any air bubbles. This time I used advertising flyers and turned the page as I put on the glue. It is very sticky and I wanted a smooth surface so I was really careful about going around the edges and evening out the middle. I added dot stamping over the top to give it more dimension. Here are my cards for the swap:

I'm sorry I didn't take a photo of the backs and the envelope when I sent them in. Maybe Lenna will post it when they arrive. Can't wait for the swap.

By request..my gardens

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My gardens are pure joy to me. My morning starts with a cup of coffe in hand and a tour of my gardens to see what has developed overnight. Has the mama deer and baby nipped off the rose buds or the giant trumpet lily buds? Did the bunbun get into MR. Fred's vegetable garden? Any zucchinni ready? How's the green beans doing? Around the front to check out my Sutter's Ball daylily and fill the birdbath. I check out the fennel to see how many butterfly larva are munching. And stomp through the lavendar to get that fresh, sweet fragrance around me. I love summer and I love my garden. My son would always tease me when I said that.

Art Exhibit at Library

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art Exhibit at the Kingsley Branch Library runs from July 15-July 22. I was pleased to be ask to exibit my work during Heritage Days for our community. One of the goals of the KFOL is to have cultural events take place at our new library. It was also the kick off for the Floyd Milton Webster History Prize. This is an annual prize given to an individual who does research about our community. It seems fitting that I would enhance this event with my exhibit. I had many positive comments about my work.

Fairy name generator

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I went to the Fairy Name Generator when I visited The Paisley & Peacock website from Alberta, Canada. Thank you for your kind words about my ATCs~ Color My World. I chuckled because this fairy profile is telling it true. Now I will have to make a collage with Meadow in it. A new challenge.

Your fairy is:
Meadow Elffilter
She is cheerful and friendly.
She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow.
She can only be seen on midsummer's eve.
She wears a skirt made of red petals and has transparent green wings like a cicada.

Poppies and Papillon 8x8 canvas

Once I get an idea in my head, there is no stopping me. Poppies and Papillon #1 & #2: 8x8 canvas. I am getting better at putting a wash over top of my initial color, as I learned in Lenna' "Collage on Canvas " class. I have discovered that I can place the color in shapes that may be helpful to my overall design. However, it is more fun to just let it happen. I wrote some thoughts as to friends in a scribble fashion. I really like doing this because it gives me a mindset for creating the rest...sort of like centering clay, or prayers during ceremonies. Anyway, taffy background and light blue wash that I let run when I tipped the canvas. Again, I stamped using my homemade styrofoam printer and stamped over and over again. I also stamped on card stock. I added my butterfly and the beautiful poppy image. Stamped using my Friend and face stamp. Then I added strips of paper to areas I thought needed more focus. Also used the old postage stamps that I inherited. But, enough of technique details. I am really happy with the results. These will be extras for my library exhibit.

Color My World ATC Swap w/ Creative Lenna

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Color My World ATCs are finished. They're ready to be sent to Creative Lenna. Here are my cards:

Color My World Rose Pink.

This card has a printed background using my spiral flipflop print. Using the same stamp, I printed on waxed paper. The rose image is glued to the pleated waxed paper and then glued to the card. Just at the bottom, I added pink rickrack . The stamp is a faux stamp creation, small rose from a magazine glued over top of a 15 cent US Postage stamp. Then it was tinted with some of the water I had been using while printing. Canceled the stamp with one my Paris stamps and glued it with Yes glue. Take a closer look...I'm most pleased with the waxed paper stamping which gives the rose extra petals. :)
Color My World Sweet Violet

Styrofoam stamping on bright violet cardstock. Purple dyed paper behind a velvet flower from a Victorian tussie mussie. Image of violets from Graphics Fairy. Purple stamp from a newly aquired book of stamps collected in the 50's Over printing with my new dots stamp from Micheal's dollar bin. I was thinking of "Sweet Violet", the song, when I made this card. :)

Color My World Leafy Green

Styrofoam stamping upon stamping on a polka dotted piece of cardstock. Added images from magazines. Butterfly is from a paper napkin. Stamp is from Norway and is sewn with vintage embroidery floss. The background intent is the dappling of leaves, thus, Leafy Green.

This was a so much fun. Can't wait for the exchange to begin.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Blue Butterfly and Rose" Collage on Canvas #9 That is the end of 5x5 canvas work until the next order . I have really enjoyed experimenting with stamping, color, and design. This canvas had stamping upon stamping upon stamping. Then I stamped the same designs on pink card stock. I wrote in squiggle letters around the canvas and used a gold gel pen to do the same ( I learned that the gold smears when I added gel medium). After trying out a number of images and overthinking it all night long, I decided to try using just paper squares. I noticed I had some dyed paper and the colors matched perfectly. That changed the whole concept. I layered the dyed paper and printed squares, added a rose image, and then added the tissue butterfly. Lastly, I couldn't help myself and played with the black squiggle lines that showed through. Name signed...it's done. I really like the soft colors.

Probably enough with the butterflies. They are on my mind... I plant fennel in my garden as the host plant for swallowtail butterflies. I watched 6 small black caterpillars grow to the size of my little finger. They have disappeared so I imagine they have each formed their chrysalis. Another 4 little black caterpillars are chopping their way through the fennel. This time I am going to put one in a jar so Ican watch it hatch.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Red Butterfly- Collage on Canvas This collage was made with layer upon layer upon layer of stamping. I tried out some dark colors, but I didn't like them. Tried some white overprinting which seems to work. The center paper was from a different project, but I diluted the green and put it overtop of the red. I "auditioned" ( thanks, Lenna) a number of subjects for the center, but settled on the red butterfly. To hold it all together, I added green lines connecting and going off of the canvas. I will have to experiment more with using dark colors. I did learn that a paper printed with the same colors can be added to give coherence. After I put it up on the wall, I liked it. Lots going on, maybe too much! What do you think, peps?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mail Art for July: You Bug Me. Everyone received their MailArt without a hitch at the beginning of the month, so I can put the buggers on display. Lots of fun making this. I cut a file folder to make a long envelope. I made it about a half inch too long so it had to go as flat mail. The whole post office thing is another story for later. I found an ad with ants and using gel medium made a transfer at the bottom.

The challenge was to draw and so I drew beetles, dragonflies, ants, butterflies and an assortment of other insects. I also drew a beekeep and lots of lady bugs and flies.

My new project was to carve a queen bee out of a pink eraser and a Mail Art stamp. Mission accomplished, so I have a whole swarm of bees on the envey. The PO lady helped me with the butterfly stamp and the love stamp which looked very cute. Inside, everyone got packages of 1900 embroidery floss that I found while thrifting. I was so excited, I could hardly wait to send the packages off. So, done until the next challenge: cowgirls.

Peas and Carrots on Canvas Two new canvases today. I got slowed down by the holiday celebrating. Had so much fun doing these 5x5s. I knew I wanted to do veggies (hubbie said to put on a real carrot). Anyway, similar technique: coated my canvas with a light cream then drizzled a green wash. Used the same colors on my created styrofoam stamp and stamped the canvas, also stamped cardstock and waxed paper. I tried out a little dot stamp that I got at Micheals for $1. It goes well with my flipflop stamp. Finished product is light and cheery. Great for the gardening season. Actually, I never liked peas and carrots when I was a kid because they came in a can. Much rather have them separately. Bon apetit!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Next...Collage on canvas "Fish out of Water"

On a roll. Just knew that I wanted to do a fish collage and the colors I have been exploring are just right. Again stamping on taffy painted background with a styrofoam stamp that I made. I also stamped on waxed paper and a heavier cardstock paper. Torn paper, fish images, stamping over top, and a zodiac image. Somehow I was drawn to it (the zodiac image) and added a fish tail. Don't ask... I don't have reasoning. Signed my name and ready to move on to the next that I already have the colors, subject, and title for. Oh boy....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Collage on Canvas#4 "Birds of the Blue"

Still stamping the backgrounds to my collage. This collage has stamped waxed paper and squiggle writing in layers on top of the original stamping. I left it open on purpose to make the birds the focus. Wanted to try something not quite as heavy on the stamping. Practicing using white as a light source. I wanted to see it close up so I can make some adjustments. I think editing and showing the image large is a real help. Still excited about stamping and combining painting techniques. Another 5x5 for my library exhibit. :D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Butterfly and Apple Collage on Canvas

So excited to finish another collage on canvas. Again, it is all about the background...my styrofoam stamps. This time I put the color right on the canvas (not a wash). Then I used some left over corrigated cardboard to scratch into the paint. A white coating which made a bunch of pink...what did I expect? aAdded scribble writing with my permanent marker. I printed cream colored scrapbooking paper and some waxed paper with my stamp. I put the band of paper across the middle, added an orange 4 that I stamped with white paint, the appple image from a magazine, and the butterfly. Then I stamped over the apple and added torn paper pieces to the rest of the collage. Again, its the background that counts. I'm pleased with the results. What do you think?