By gardens

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My gardens are pure joy to me. My morning starts with a cup of coffe in hand and a tour of my gardens to see what has developed overnight. Has the mama deer and baby nipped off the rose buds or the giant trumpet lily buds? Did the bunbun get into MR. Fred's vegetable garden? Any zucchinni ready? How's the green beans doing? Around the front to check out my Sutter's Ball daylily and fill the birdbath. I check out the fennel to see how many butterfly larva are munching. And stomp through the lavendar to get that fresh, sweet fragrance around me. I love summer and I love my garden. My son would always tease me when I said that.


  1. Your gardens look wonderful B - how are they doing in this heat? I have resisted "over" watering mine and seems to be not too bad. I gave up on veggies long ago - not enough areas with good sunlight - thank goodness for farmers markets! hugs J

  2. Shame on me - I requested a garden post and then didn't get over here to comment. I miss the lushness of the midwest so much in the summer. CA is nothing but various shades of tan right now but your garden is glorious. Thanks!