Assemblage class

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ladies had a great time in my Assemblage class. We finished our Altoid tin and worked on our small jewelry box, but we didn't get to the cigar box. This class was about problem solving, what kind of paper, what kind of trinkets, what kind of frame?  The process took longer than time allowed. But, with their knowledge and experience, I'm sure the ladies could finish their cigar box. Or maybe that will be saved for another class. The final products were awesome.  It was a risk taking group. It was time well spent. Thanks, class. I really enjoyed sharing with you. 

"Arranged Marriage". Box assemblage

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another box finished. A three section box that closes. A good amount of found junk. The most interesting find was the black plastic grilling from the back of a picture frame. "Good junk "includes pieces from Scrabble, small picture frames, old metal and rust, marbles, an owl page marker, a doll hand, dominos, a toy spoon, and some old photos. Whew!!  That was a mouthful. I used a goodly amount of my stash. Oh boy, it will give me a chance to find more. Enjoy!!!