Zetti Postage Stamp People

Monday, November 25, 2013

Zetti postage stamp people.  You're right, I'm on a roll.  A few more pages and I am done with this section.  Got to use my washi tape and a bunch of stamps.  Fun, fun!

More Postage Stamp People

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to work on my Sketchbook for JRAC.  Postage stamp people are a real gas.  The book is getting very full.  I may have to tear out some pages.  

"Meadow Birch"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Meadow Birch"
20" x 20"
Collage on canvas
Trying for less complicated design and more vibrant colors.  Hmmm.  Not sure if I am finsihed.  Think I will put it aside for a do or two.

I'm happier.  Thank you Jo for your suggestion.  I used pastels to give some color variation.  Then I went back and painted the trees using white glaze. Since there is really no right or wrong answer to which one is better, here is what is.  I did discover that I love the color combination.  Sorry, my photo isn't the best.

"Windmill at Dawn"

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Step 3
"Windmill at Dawn"
20" x 20"
Collage on canvas
OMG, you say!  What happened?  Look at the previous post.  What started out as an abstract cross has become a farm scene with a windmill.  I had to be true to myself... the cross thing just wasn't working.  I didn't like it and no amout of adding to it or subtracting made a difference  It did make an interesting under embellishment.  Thank goodness for white paint.  I used my original painted paper and the black on white squiggle lines I drew on white tissue paper.  Not quite as abstract as I have been trying for, but way more to my liking.  That windmill picture was on my last creation and I tore it off because I didn't like it there.  It has now found a home.  I may have to do something about the little bubhble wrap flower looking thing in the upper right hand corner.  I signed my name which says "I'm done".  Basically, Bethie is "happy".

Abstract cross process

Friday, November 15, 2013

Step 1
Step 2
20" x 20"
Collage on canvas, painted paper, tissue, inside of envelope
Sometimes I have to take a picture of my work to see what it really looks like.  I can see areas that need pattern.  I can see areas that don't connect.  And do I really like that buff washed out color?  Maybe I'll cover it up and let the squiggles and rectangles become a part of the background.  Looks like I have a ways to go. Changing something is the good thing about doing collage.  Nothing is wrong, it just isn't hitting me "happy".   You can follow along while I try to figure it out.

"Blue Solitude"

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Blue Solitude"
16" x 20"
Collage on canvas
"Blue Solitude" is made from tissue paper, a book cover, and parts of a napkin.  The orange is part of an enveloped sent to me some time ago by my friend Tammy in Cal.  ( You know I reuse everything)  I've also been experimenting with pastels.  I really like the way they lighten, smudge, and can fill in gaps.  Next up, a painted tissue paper collage.

More postage stamp people

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DoDo Bird with Johnny Cash
New heads for Alice
Dapper man with lady
Back at the postage stamp people/things.  I'm still working in my Jordan River Sketchbook.  It is a great way to try out color and compostion on a small scale.  I also had a chance to remake the ladies white dress. 
But, here's the problem, I'm running out of people postage stamps.  I've used a number from my vintage stamp collection, but they don't always fit. 
Anyone out there have people postage stamps that are just laying around waiting for a creative home?