Seth Apter Treasure Hunt-I'm IN

Friday, June 29, 2012

Seth Apter over at The Altered Page, has called for artists to be part of a treasure hunt to uncover artists and their work and continue the quest for community.   So, I have joined the treasure hunt.  Thanks, Seth.  Please take a peek at my work.  I am always happy to share.  Check out the other fabulous participants. 

Here's one of my more recent creations:

"Kin" Assemblage

"Kin" Assemblage
This assemblage on canvas, 12" x12"x 1 1/2" is my latest in a series of word  inspired collage.  I used a tintype of my great-great grandfather, Samuel Bancroft on top of a McGuffy book cover used by many of my aunts in the one room school house just down the road.  The problem was that I didn't have the letter"K", but that was solved in the night when I recalled that I had some children's alphabet magnets. ..two choices, green or yellow.  When scrounging for some rusted washers in my husband's shop, he came across a native bone button.  That was the needed inspiration, "Kin" , all my relations.  Red, black, yellow, white.  and so it evolved.  It just happened.  Game pieces, feather embellishment.  Honoring the sky above and the earth below.  Rust from my dad's junk pile.  I love the way it came together.  That's the thrill of creating!  Enjoy!

"The Grand and The Turtle" wins prize

 Third Place Award

"The Grand and The Turtle" received the 3rd place prize on Wed., June 27 at the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum on Mackinac Island.  This mixed-media collage pays homage to the Grand Hotel and the Island.  Native legend says that a magic song awakened the big turtle called Mishini-Makinak to rise from the watery depths to create the island known today as Mackinac.  That same mysterious, magical song is embedded in the Grand Hotel and draws visitors from all point of the compass to its spacious front porch, signature geraniums, and unique Victorian decor.  My artwork honors the history and magic of this unique place.

This exhibit will be on display to the public from May 11 to closing on October 7.  From Oct. 8- October 31 it will be open to tour groups during various dates.  The Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum is house at the Indian Dormitory.

Mackinac Island  is a fabulous vacation destination, so is the Grand Hotel.  Check it out!

Pick a Bouquet

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Pick a Bouquet"
"Pick a Bouquet" received an Honorable Mention at the Art and the Garden Exhibit sponsored by Artcenter Traverse City.  It is in great company.  I'm thrilled.  The show runs from June 8 - July 6 at 630 Mercato in Building 50, Grand Traverse Commons.  Check it out!

International Mixed Media Postcard Swap Verson 2.0

Friday, June 8, 2012

                                                               I am participating in the International Mixed Media Postcard Swap Version 2.0  hosted by Shannon Granshorn at My postcards are based on a Paris theme.  I've enjoyed exchanging postcards and I am excited to have received a name from Iceland.

Art and the Garden Exhibit

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Flowers Sing in the Garden"
"Pick a Bouquet"
Honorable Mention
"Flowers Sing in the Garden" and "Pick a Bouquet" were accepted in the all-media juried show, Art and the Garden,  sponsored by Artcenter Traverse City.  Join me for the reception Fri., June 8 from 6 - 8:30pm with awards presented at 7.  The show runs from June 8 to July 6 at 630 Mercato, Building 50 in the Grand Traverse Common.  Save your calories because the menu is wine and sweets.  Save your money to buy some fabulous area art.  Save the date...I'll be there.