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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Message from Abora"
8 x 10
Collage on canvas
Back at it again. I have just entered my first juried out-of-state show for 2014.  This show is in Annapolis, MD. at St. John's College.  I was in this show last year.  Artwork has to be 8" x 10" or less.  I am entering three pieces. The piece above features a faux postage stamp. Making faux postage stamps are a gas.  I couldn't believe two hours had passed before I had it finished. It is actually made on the top of two large postage stamps.  Made up name, made up everything.  Now, cross your fingers that this piece is accepted.

International Mixed-media Postcard Swap

Monday, January 20, 2014

My postcards are finished for the International Mixed-media Postcard Swap hostessed by Shannon Ganshorn. Asked how I do it, I am presenting a little tutorial. Hope this is helpful to those who still need to finish their postcards or those who want to participate in a swap.  I would give credit to those who have taught me how to do these things, but I can't remember the specifics and I have added much of my own through trail and error. Warning: there's lots of pictures

Using 2 large sheets of paper, 12" x 16", use a brayer to spread acrylic paint over most of the area.  I used three colors in this instance.  Using a black ink pad, stamp various small images.  I used my favorite bubble wrap to add more color (red) and texture.  Also use the end of a paper roll to stamp circles using black acrylic paint.  Next, measure the 4" x 6" postcards and then stamp on the poppy seed-like stalks. I created this stamp by cutting up craft foamy and glued it to a piece of cardboard.  With that finished, I cut up my postcards.  8 finished postcard fronts. Cut up the remaining sheet for the 2 more to make ten.  I like having leftovers in case I goof. 
Next or first if you wish, cut up the white card stock.  Thanks to my Tim Holtz stamps, I have a choice of what POSTCARD label I will stamp on my cards.   These were a great buy on E-Bay.
Stamp all of the white postcard backs and add a vertical line as a divider with a black Sharpie marker..  
Cut out long petal shapes from colored paper from magazines.  Find different sized letters, cut out from magazines.  Collage petals and letters on the front of the postcard using a glue stick.  Embellish with other small stamp images: leaves, spirals, whatever suits your fancy.  
Fronts and backs finished.  Match up and correct for uneven cuts or wrong size.
Using a glue stick, glue the two parts together.
Trusty old sewing machine is what I use to sew around the edge to make sure the two parts stay together.
Trim the threads. Finished.
Ready to add the addresses, the message, and a cool postage stamp.  I hope the post office has an artsy stamp to go with my design.  Then off to my swap-friends.  No mail today, but off they go tomorrow.  Mission accomplished!