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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Message from Abora"
8 x 10
Collage on canvas
Back at it again. I have just entered my first juried out-of-state show for 2014.  This show is in Annapolis, MD. at St. John's College.  I was in this show last year.  Artwork has to be 8" x 10" or less.  I am entering three pieces. The piece above features a faux postage stamp. Making faux postage stamps are a gas.  I couldn't believe two hours had passed before I had it finished. It is actually made on the top of two large postage stamps.  Made up name, made up everything.  Now, cross your fingers that this piece is accepted.


  1. Lovely work Beth. Good luck...hope they sell.

  2. Wow very cool B (and my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you LOL)

  3. Faux stamps sound like fun. Another strong graphic piece. I like the yellow background and all the busyness. Good luck!