Thursday, December 19, 2013

ATC Santa
OH MY GOODNESS, 6,000+ hits on my blog. I can't believe it!  Time for a GIVEAWAY. Thank you everyone for tagging along with me.  Your encouragement keeps me going.  So, in the spirit of the season,  leave me a comment and you will be in the giveaway.  Cheers!

More Postage Stamp People

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This is a lengthy post, lots of photos, so I warn you.  
Wanted to get the new postage stamp people posted.  And I have made some additions to the previously posted ones. 
About two more to do.  Then it is the introduction and the acknowledgements.  I am waiting for my special guests to send their creations.  Don't want to give it away just yet.

My first postage stamp person

"I Am Bold with W. C. Fields"  This was my first postage stamp person.  Just before I went to sleep last night, out of the blue, I remembered that I had done this 5" x 7" collage for a Small Works Show that was held at the Dennos Museum in Traverse City in 2010.  It was purchased by, Paulo Gianturco,the famous photographer.  I was thrilled.  Someone had liked my quirky art.  So, to do a whole book of postage stamp people for my Sketchbook doesn't seem so strange now.  This image will be on the cover of my book.  The book goes to the Brooklyn Art Library in conjunction with the Art House Coop.  Check it out. 

Another one Done

Sunday, December 15, 2013

As long as the snow keeps coming down, I am stuck at home.  No, problem since I can forget about everything when I'm working on art.  Another postage stamp person completed.  HOHOHO!

Gray-blue print

Gray/blue print
I wanted to show this print to give an example of a collagraph without any additions.  The photo picks up the blue tones, but really it is very gray.  This is a request from my friend Leslie who wondered what it would look like in gray.  Here it is L.

More Sketchbook

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Paper that I scribbled, painted, splattered on
Cut up ready to use
Yes, I needed to get crackin, and I did.  Have been working on and off all day to complete or nearly complete the above pages.  It never fails, when I think I'm done with a page, I'll find something new to add to it.  That's the really fun part.  I made some new paper and cut it up ready for the pages I still needed to fill.  I want to try some new things, so stay tuned.

Sketchbook Project 2014

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sketchbook Project 2014
Title of Sketchbook:  Postage Stamp People

Learning to Dance
Zetti Ladies
Deadline for Sketchbook Project 2014 at the Brooklyn Art Library is January 14.  So, quess what is on my desk in the studio?  I'm busy working away at my postage stamp people.  The fun part is finding the bodies to go with the heads.  Sometimes I do a complete body change as with my zetti striped ladies.  They aren't finished yet... need some sparlking crowns and some wings.  The side papers are a quick treatment of stamping, painting, splattering, etc of a large sheet, then cutting it up the size I need.  I learned this from doing postcard exchanges.  This is a nice break from my other projects (solo art show booked for Jan. 2 and Christmas, of course).  Other Sketchbook peeps?  How are you coming? I'd love to hear from you.  More to come.

Collagraph plate and print

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Collagraph , collage finished
Collagraph plate

Interested in collagraphs?  Perhaps these pictures will help you understand.  The bottom photo is of the collagraph plate created with cardboard cut outs glued to a stiff matte board then shellaced to keep all in place.  The plate was rubbed with oil paint and then the paint was wiped off.  The above print was pulled from a run through a printing press.  The neat think about printing on a press is that the paper is embossed.  Remember, you will get a reverse image.  The plate was run through twice with the second time adding tissue. I added tissue and painted paper on top of the printed image. I think the plate is cool and probably will mount it to be on display with the finished prints.  More about collagraphs next time.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Collagraph, collage with tissue
collagraph, collage with tissue
January will find Beth Bynum doing a solo show at the City Opera House in downtown Traverse City.  This show, "Humble Beginnings: Printmaking with Tissue, Cardboard, and Foamy",will consist of my collagraphs.  I started with the floral collagraphs that I created here in my studio using cardboard, relief print and collage.  The two pieces above are collagraphs I produced on a printing press.  They seemed rather blah and so I have spiced them up with tissue paper I squiggles on.  I also added painted tissue.  I enjoyed this new turn on the art adventure.  Always something new to learn and try.