Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Collagraph, collage with tissue
collagraph, collage with tissue
January will find Beth Bynum doing a solo show at the City Opera House in downtown Traverse City.  This show, "Humble Beginnings: Printmaking with Tissue, Cardboard, and Foamy",will consist of my collagraphs.  I started with the floral collagraphs that I created here in my studio using cardboard, relief print and collage.  The two pieces above are collagraphs I produced on a printing press.  They seemed rather blah and so I have spiced them up with tissue paper I squiggles on.  I also added painted tissue.  I enjoyed this new turn on the art adventure.  Always something new to learn and try. 


  1. These are great B - lovin the colours in the second one....

  2. Interesting. I like the top one best but the bottom one is growing on me. Where did you get to use a press? Sounds like fun.

  3. Great pieces Beth...both of them.