Heart's Haven Lost, wabi-sabi

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heart's Haven Lost 20" x 20" Mixed-media

This piece is the result of the new book I purchased, "Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop" by Serena Barton.  Barton says," The term wabi-sabi comes from two Japanese words and refers to that which is imperfect, impermanent, aged, humble and authentic."  That is what I was trying to express using vintage paper brown and crumbling, corrugated cardboard..what could be more humble, the photo: impermanent.  I wanted to express the melancholy I found in the falling down barn.  I know this barn since it was part of a pioneer family farm just down the road from where I live.  The farmer, his wife and children are long gone from this earth.  I don't recall if they had a good life or mean.  The folks that settled more recently on that land have also gone...bankrupt.  X marks the spot like on a treasure map, heart's haven...now lost. 
This artwork is on display at the Member Exhibition:  "Earth Tones",  June 7- July 7, 2013, Oliver Art Center, Frankfort, MI.

"Time Tricksters" takes a prize

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Time Tricksters"- MIxed Media- 24" x 36"
I'm proud to announce that "Time Tricksters" received 2nd prize at the West Michigan Juried Art Show in Manistee, MI.  Twenty artists' work was  submitted to this show held at the Manistee Art Institute.   Show runs from June 28 - July 7.  Check it out if you are on that side of the state.

North Wind Floral

Saturday, June 22, 2013

North Wind Floral
Collagraph, relief print and collage  15 x 22
Busy, busy making prints.  This is an assortment of techniques.  I started with a collagraph backgound.  This was done on top of collaged maps.  Using a number of different plates I added layers.  Then using my tall weed plate, I printed  on top of that.  I printed flower petals by masking the black weed plate and printed the petals at least three times.  Finally, I used a different print to collage areas of interest.  I am sending this off with two other pieces to an upcoming show called "Map It" at the Riverside Gallery in Ypsilanti.  I'm hooked on this new combination of collagraph and collage.

Heart's Haven Lost

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heart's Haven Lost
Collage on canvas 20" x 20"
Back at work on a new challenge: Earth tones.  This is for the members invitational at the Oliver Art Center in Frankfort.  Reception is on June 7th with the show running until July 7.  Used my favorite materials: vintage paper, old barn photo, corrugated cardboard, dressmaker's tissue, gesso, Victorian calling card, old geography book text, a letter stencil, and other found objects.  Really love this relaxing color combination.  I'm hoping to evoke melancholy.  Enjoy.