Heart's Haven Lost, wabi-sabi

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heart's Haven Lost 20" x 20" Mixed-media

This piece is the result of the new book I purchased, "Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop" by Serena Barton.  Barton says," The term wabi-sabi comes from two Japanese words and refers to that which is imperfect, impermanent, aged, humble and authentic."  That is what I was trying to express using vintage paper brown and crumbling, corrugated cardboard..what could be more humble, the photo: impermanent.  I wanted to express the melancholy I found in the falling down barn.  I know this barn since it was part of a pioneer family farm just down the road from where I live.  The farmer, his wife and children are long gone from this earth.  I don't recall if they had a good life or mean.  The folks that settled more recently on that land have also gone...bankrupt.  X marks the spot like on a treasure map, heart's haven...now lost. 
This artwork is on display at the Member Exhibition:  "Earth Tones",  June 7- July 7, 2013, Oliver Art Center, Frankfort, MI.


  1. Mmm, I do like this one. Right up my alley with the earthy colors, the grunge, the melancholic old photo. Very nice, Beth. I wish you'd make note cards from some of these.

  2. Great textures in this wonderful image.