Sketchbook-Japan postcard

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This is turning out to be a collaberative project.  My friend Carol helped me out but giving me paper, tourist brochures,stickers, and a Japanese fortune that she collected while in Japan.  Her DIL, HT, helped by writing the note in Japanese that is similar to the note that we handed drivers when we hitchhiked through Japan.  My stamps and vintage postage stamps from my friend, Mike's collection round it out.  I used my new Nick Bantock stamp for the background and a web image of a pachinco machine.  I'm ready to paste these in my Sketchbook.

Sketchbook-traveling across country-postcard

Postcard for traveling across country...from Iowa City, Iowa to San Francisco, CA.  Vintage map, Greyhound bus, and bus ticket.  Found a vintage stamp. Postage in 1969 was 6 cents so I figured a 4 cent postcard would be fairly correct.  I'm trying to be somewhat accurate, but not quite finished with my postcard.  Still something missing.  I'll keep looking, but wanted to post my progress.  Thanks to Rebecca, I've remembered some events of the trip.  Some pleasant, some not so.  More to come.

Think Monday~Think ATC...Santa Claus

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Here is my entry,better late than never.
Vintage image of ole Santa, Nick Bantock art stamp background, vintage music, and teeny buttons sent to me from elpimpi in Poland.  Check out the other entrees here:

Sketchbook-Egyptian postcard

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm not sure where this postcard will be put in my sketchbook.  Vintage map, vintage picture of pyramids, vintage stamp on back. Image of Tut from a brochure advertising an exhibit of King Tut artifacts. Scarab beetle on real papyrus from Egypt (part of a bookmark, (my friend Jerry, brought me from his trip~ thank you).  And of course a faux stamp on front.   Am I having fun or what?

Sketchbook...Postcard invitation

Let the journey begin.  Rebecca has invited me to go to Japan to meet Dave.  Ah, romance. 
Check out my faux Arizona postage stamp.

Sunday Postcard Art-Vintage Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage Christmas Sunday Postcard Art
Vintage music, wrappping paper, from opening presents yesterday, made to look vintage, red snowflake stamps, TH script stamped with TH Rusty Hinge Distress Ink,and some vintage edging on a red polka dot card stock.

Sketchbook Beginning

Inside cover..tried some stamping.  Love the brown, black, and white combination.

First postcard...used some already painted paper, vintage heart diagram, vintage Hopi pottery postage stamp, tea bag label,  TH clock stamp, and a sentiment.  More to come when you see the back of the postcard.

India...Taj Mahal.  Used white paint on crinkled image, vintage stamps, fabric label, antique image of Indian postcard, and painted entire surface with YES glue.  Stamped with my favorite flipflop spiral stamp.  I think the chick postage stamp is from Tammy in our paper swap.  (Please correct me if I am wrong).  I really am not sure about the YES glue surface, but will see how it dries.  I'm gluing the entire postcard to the book page with YES glue.

I really like the sepia colors against the book cover.  Can't paste in the Taj until I have my final book layout to know its placement.  Thanks for the advice, Lenna.  You are GOOD inspiration.  Any advice or comments are appreciated.  I have one more postcard finished and one waiting for that extra something.  My desk is a mess! LOL

Sketchbook Project 2012

Friday, December 16, 2011

Brooklyn Art Library
A new adventure awaits.  Thanks to my friend, Lenna, I will be participating in the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition sponsored by the ArtHouseCoop and housed at the Brooklyn Art Library.

I recieved my brown sketchbook and have been planning and thinking about it for days.  Even though my book is Untitled, the theme is postcards from places I visited on an around-the-world trip I took with my dear friend, Rebecca, in 1969.  My postcards are collage inspired by Nick Bantock (my idol).  So far, I have completed one postcard and have four others awaiting me on my desk.  I wish I had original ephemera from my trip, but alas, who would have thought that I would want or need it now.  Luckily, the book is not due until April 2012.

I'm wondering if I should paint the pages...they seem so thin.  Lenna has taken her's out, added foldout pages and rebound the book.  I don't think I am that ambitious, but I want the postcards ( mostly 4" x 6") to have a suitable background.  And the background can't be too busy so I may stick to just a solid color.  So many questions.

Does anyone, who has experienced this book, have suggestions?  Should I try watercolor crayons?  I really don't have anything to practice on other than old computer paper which seems to be about the same weight.  What about glue?  Acrylic medium?  Seems a little wet.  Maybe Yes Glue.  Might experiment and glue my postcards to one piece and then glue that piece into the book.  Seems like that would be a problem since the book is suppose to be only 1" thick when finished.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Off and arting. 

I000 Hits Giveaway~Winners

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everyones' a Winner
Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and all of your support.  So.......everyone gets a prize.

Jewels...Christmas Tag...I have your address
Tammy...vintage paper...need your land address
Yvonne...Postcard.....please send your address again
Carole...Postcard...need your address
Sandy.....ATC..need address
Michelle...vintage paper...need your address
LynnF...vintage paper..need your address
Heavens2Betsy...ATC...need address
Lenna...ATC..I have your address
Cheryl...ATC...need your address

It was fun.  Thanks again and enjoy!
email me:

Think Monday Think ATC-Script

Holiday Script.  My ATC entry.  Check out this ATC site:

1000 Hits- Time for a Giveaway

Friday, December 9, 2011

Balancing.  The first collage I sold!
OMGoodness, I can't believe 1000 Hits.  Thank you everyone for taking an interest in my blog.  I wish everyone would leave a comment so I could respond.  Life in my art world has been very exciting.  Who would ever think that I would be so blessed.  So, I haven't made up my mind, but the giveaway will consist of vintage paper, and ATCs, Christmas tags, and a postcard that I have made.  Leave a comment and spread the word.  Giveaway will close Sunday, Dec. 11.  I LOVE Giveaways.  MUDGE (our Scottie) will do the honors of randomly drawing numbers for winners.  You can even make a request.  Bring on the fun...and it isn't even Christmas yet!

"Spirits Set Free"-SOLD

"Spirits Set Free"-SOLD  (Honorable Mention)
Uncommon:  Exploring the Grand Traverse Commons. Rinaldo Hall Exhibit November 5-January 1
THE VILLAGE Grand Traverse Commons

Breakfast Brownies Mail Art

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artwork by Dave Dube
Where to begin?  Got a cup of coffee?  Got some time to spare? 

I love Mail Art, I love Nick Bantock's art, I love Brownies ( those little guys and the chocolate type), and I love a good story.  Not too long ago, all of these loves came together.  I was hunting Brownie stamps because my friend Lenna sent me some Mail Art with brownies on it, she also has been involved with Nick Bantock art stamps, and I took my first Collage on Canvas with her.  So, what?  Well, she sent Dave, from Old Paper Art, mail art with Brownies and on his blog is called Lenna, Queen of the Brownies.  Now, these are not ordinary brownies, but Palmer Cox, Brownies.  I decided to send Dave some brownie paper with Palmer Cox brownies.  Dave is a fabulous artist who created his magical artwork on old papers.  I'll let Dave describe what happened next:

Anyway, I was thrilled to recieve Mail Art from Dave.  I love Dave's artwork.  I'm happy to report that his envelope is framed and has a place of honor in my studio.  The whole thing was one of those "just do it" moments and look what happened.  Thank you , Dave, from the bottom of my heart.  And a big Thank You goes to Lenna who started me on the MailArt path.  And to Nick Bantock, a big thank you for his wonderful artwork. It's truly amazing how this big world works.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a long standing story about Brownies...the chocolate kind.  But, that's for another time.   LOL

Mary Green's Dec. Challenge

Monday, December 5, 2011

I love working with the images from Mary Green's: Green Paper.  Hopefully, my postcard conveys loneliness and longing between sisters, friends, mother /daughter.  Perhaps parted across the wide Atlantic Ocean.  Here is my December challenge entry.