Breakfast Brownies Mail Art

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artwork by Dave Dube
Where to begin?  Got a cup of coffee?  Got some time to spare? 

I love Mail Art, I love Nick Bantock's art, I love Brownies ( those little guys and the chocolate type), and I love a good story.  Not too long ago, all of these loves came together.  I was hunting Brownie stamps because my friend Lenna sent me some Mail Art with brownies on it, she also has been involved with Nick Bantock art stamps, and I took my first Collage on Canvas with her.  So, what?  Well, she sent Dave, from Old Paper Art, mail art with Brownies and on his blog is called Lenna, Queen of the Brownies.  Now, these are not ordinary brownies, but Palmer Cox, Brownies.  I decided to send Dave some brownie paper with Palmer Cox brownies.  Dave is a fabulous artist who created his magical artwork on old papers.  I'll let Dave describe what happened next:

Anyway, I was thrilled to recieve Mail Art from Dave.  I love Dave's artwork.  I'm happy to report that his envelope is framed and has a place of honor in my studio.  The whole thing was one of those "just do it" moments and look what happened.  Thank you , Dave, from the bottom of my heart.  And a big Thank You goes to Lenna who started me on the MailArt path.  And to Nick Bantock, a big thank you for his wonderful artwork. It's truly amazing how this big world works.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a long standing story about Brownies...the chocolate kind.  But, that's for another time.   LOL


  1. it IS amazing how the world works, Beth! You jumped -and look what happened. So glad to be a small part of this, yay! I LovE your envelope from Dave, he's the best!

  2. Ummm. There's more to come. Brownies love Christmas time. ;o)