Sketchbook-Japan postcard

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This is turning out to be a collaberative project.  My friend Carol helped me out but giving me paper, tourist brochures,stickers, and a Japanese fortune that she collected while in Japan.  Her DIL, HT, helped by writing the note in Japanese that is similar to the note that we handed drivers when we hitchhiked through Japan.  My stamps and vintage postage stamps from my friend, Mike's collection round it out.  I used my new Nick Bantock stamp for the background and a web image of a pachinco machine.  I'm ready to paste these in my Sketchbook.


  1. I could tell a story about directions to the taxi driver while I was in Japan, but that's for another time. GREAT art!

  2. B another winner - heh I figured out a different "gadget" to show followers on my blog - I can send instructions if you like. jewels

  3. I LOVE this, Beth! Gorgeous!

    Happy New Year to you too :)