Art at Mitchell Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Message from Abora"
10" x 8"
Collage on canvas
Faux stamp
It is very exciting to be a part of the Less <More Show at the Mitchell Gallery in Annapolis, MD.  All artwork had to be 10" x 8" or less including anything framed. I love postage stamps, rubber stamps, and stamping. "Message from Abora" includes a faux stamp created atop two real postage stamps to show the great edging.  It is a small pagoda scene, with found rocks and layered mountains in the background.  I cut out numbers and letters from magazine type to create a new "land".   This piece also includes my squiggle art tissue, collaged papers, and bubble wrap stamping. Many of these features appear in other pieces of my work.  
Check out my Postage Stamp People Sketchbook at the Brooklyn Art Library  
Faux Egyptian stamp in Sketchbook
"Postcard from Eogra"
10" x 8" framed
Faux stamps
Paper collage

"Ancient Dawn" finds a home

Monday, May 26, 2014

Artwork "Ancient Dawn" at the top of the stairs.  The owner says she never gets tired of looking at it.
Collagraph printed on a press and then collaged with squiggle designed white tissues and pink tissue.  So nice to know someone enjoys my art.  

Advice and entries

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Blue Solitude"
20" x 16"
Mixed-media, collage on canvas

"Spring Symphony"
30" x 22"
Collagraph, collage with tissue on heavy watercolor paper
I was given advice to stick with one medium, theme, or process for a year to perfect my skills.  But, that just isn't in me.  I want to try new things, new paper, new printing techniques, new themes including abstract. Many of the process I use are the same.  I still audition images around the piece.  I still paint tissue and use napkins and handmade paper.  I'm intrigued with cardboard and collagraphs.  Lately, I have been adding pastels and teabags.  Still many ideas to pursue.  These pieces are my entries in an upcoming exhibit and very different from my starting point.  What's your take on the advice I was given?

Dog portraits

Sunday, May 18, 2014

12" x 12"
Collage on canvas
I did a portrait of my Granddog, Wash, for my son and daughter-in-law last Christmas.  I just finished this commission of Stella.  The image was taken from a photograph and done in textured papers.  I was pleased and I know Stella's owner was too.