Advice and entries

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Blue Solitude"
20" x 16"
Mixed-media, collage on canvas

"Spring Symphony"
30" x 22"
Collagraph, collage with tissue on heavy watercolor paper
I was given advice to stick with one medium, theme, or process for a year to perfect my skills.  But, that just isn't in me.  I want to try new things, new paper, new printing techniques, new themes including abstract. Many of the process I use are the same.  I still audition images around the piece.  I still paint tissue and use napkins and handmade paper.  I'm intrigued with cardboard and collagraphs.  Lately, I have been adding pastels and teabags.  Still many ideas to pursue.  These pieces are my entries in an upcoming exhibit and very different from my starting point.  What's your take on the advice I was given?


  1. My husband gives me that advice regularly...and I ignore it. It's not all about ambition/success...but about constantly learning and growing as an artist.

  2. Do what moves you B (unless of course it requires a huge investment of $$$ LOL - that's what usually decides it for me)

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel much better now. I thought I might be classified as a little stubborn (which I am), but I'm reassured.