Mono-print to Multi-print Supply List

Mono-Prints to Multi-Prints:  Printmaking with Beth Bynum
This class has been designed to explore printmaking techniques.  These will include monotype, collagraphs, and experimental relief printing.  With these three techniques, participants will find unlimited printmaking possibilities.  Go from mono-prints to multi-prints.  Whether a beginner or a seasoned print maker, or someone looking for a new creative adventure, this class is for you.

I will furnish:
Deli paper                           colored tissue paper           Credit card
Craft Foamy                        Strofoam trays
Matte medium                     glue sticks
q-tips                                   acrylic paint and glaze
brayers                                 plates for palette

You will need:
Sharp scissors               
water container
small black and small white craft acrylic paint
craft acrylic paint in your favorite colors
A pencil                   
waxed paper 
Assorted brushes         
Paper- Strathmore Printmaking paper or Cranson Acrylic or Stonehenge                         thin cardboard – a cereal box or other recycled cardboard
Brayer- if you have one or more
Cheese cloth, feathers, string, buttons, doilies  (optional)
Rubber stamps  (optional) Stamp pad (optional)
Wear work clothes-it's messy
Bring a lunch or eat locally if available

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