Mitchell Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bynum art is on its way to Annapolis, MD for the Less is More, Small Works in a Great Space exhibition at the Mitchell Gallery, St. John's College.    Works no larger than 8" x 10' x 4" are included.  This year 235 artists from 34 states entered 627 works   The work is presented online and at the gallery.  Show runs from May 28-June 15.  So exciting!

Here are the accepted pieces:
"Message from Adora"
8" x 10" collage on canvas
This art work features a faux stamp from my made-up country-Adora.  You know I love making faux stamps.  
"Message from Adora"
"Coneflower Summer"
Collage, relief print
will be finished in and 8" x 10" black shadowbox frame
Stamped, collaged with purple tissue.
"Coneflower Summer"

The online gallery is now open for reviewing, but not sales. Check it out.