Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art Journal Try something new, be bold... don't think about it too much. Well, these pages were the results. I used gel medium to cover the pages and then added images. I am trying to use up. I then scribbled with my pastels smearing them and smoothing them out. I decided that some found poetry would work and added it. Pretty happy! Especially like found poetry.

These pages have a flipflop print as the background. I had a chance to use my TH stamps and images leftover from our Mailart swap. Pretty stark without any added flourishes. I vowed not to add stamps each time.

Monday, May 30, 2011

ATC Cards Again, Lenna and
Leslie have been an inspiration. They keep showing their ATC Cards, (which I had never heard of), so I found a tutorial and had a look. Looked fun and it was a chance to try something new. I just finished "Feathered Friends" theme to send off to ATC for All. Swap is due June 25, but I'm ready to send them out this week. The theme was sooo easy for me since I work lots with birds. I am trying to use up rather than buy or copy something new. My cupboard overflowth!! I used my new TH stamps and pictures from a vintage French nursery rhyme book. I hope someone gets a kick out of them since I had so much fun making them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homemade Stamps Here a are my homemade stamps. Some are made from craft foam. Some are cut out of my old flipflops. I punched some holes in craft foam although my hole funch wasn't very sharp and I had a hard time. Most are mounted on plastic milk jug caps. I tried making a stamp from some wood shapes I bought at the dollar store. The color of the wooden piece bleeds, but not a band stamp if you can keep it from warping. I like to use plastic lids for circles and cardsboard for a straight line. I keep track of how they print and what they are made of in a little notebook. It is very helpful. I'm hoping our next mailart project will be about homemade stamps so I can make more.:))

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Journal Journal page 3 should be tagged playing with bubble wrap and homemade stamps. I was trying to use up my images from our mail art royalty theme. This was an unused image and I had the pink stripes left over so it seemed very French. This time I didn't put down a thin gel coat and my acrylic wash went right through the paper--I wasn't too happy, but hey, what's to do? Something is lacking, but didn't spend too much time on it. Next page I practiced using my TH stamps. It was good to see that they don't show up very well on my backgrounds. All good learning. I think I should make this page a writing page since I really, really, want to go to Paris. It will probably be in the summer of 2012. FB has been there before, so doesn't want to do the big tourist thing, but I DO! I think the writing will be just the ticket. Stay tuned.

Art Journal Thanks to Lenna, I was inspired to start an art journal. And thanks to the thrift store (can't live without it), I found two little journals and plunged in. I have been trying out my Tim Holtz stamps and my homemade stamps. I put down a thin layer of gel medium because the paper seemed so thin. Then I used acrylic paint as a wash. I stamped and added some pretty wrapping paper i have been saving. I made a new stamp from a toy ( also found at the thrift store). It worked great using blue paint and then pushed into the wet blue paint. I learned that I need to watch the middle of TM stamps so I get a good image. I love the colors and am pleased with the overall look. I'm wondering if I should make it a journal.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim Holtiz Stamps Well, looks like I am heading down a new path in my artwork. I was greedy and ended up with 7 Tim Holtiz clear stamps. Got them on e-bay for about half price. I saw them in so many magazines and at the store, but never owned any. My stamping involves stamps that I have created. I use craft foam to create a design then adhere it to bottle caps... mostly milk jug lids. Honey jar lids work great for making circles because they have a little handle. I cut a stip of my flip flop and made a nice texture. I like to put crosshatching on tissue paper and make a transfer. I've become quite skilled at using bubble wrap. The fact is, I really like coming up with ways of making custom made stamps. With that said, I am also happy to see all of these really cool stamps with sayings and scrolls and tickets. I like them, but I hope my work can stay original and not like so many others out there.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small Works Show and Sale Off today to help at the reception of the Small Works show at the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City. I have twenty new pieces ready for this sale. All work was to be no bigger than 5" x 7 " and priced no more than $50. The sale runs until Sun. during the NMC BBQ. It is an opportunity for artists to make a little money and for art lovers to buy a piece of art for cheap. A number of high profile artists from this area are always represented. In fact, last year I was between Charles Murphy (watercolor) and Glenn Wolff (mixed media). I sold 4 pieces last year and hope to sell 8 this year. It was the first show/sale for my art. The biggest thrill was when Paola Gianturco, famous photographer and "women's advocate", bought my collage called,"Balancing". Very fitting. She didn't have to travel around the world to be encouraging. Her purchase made me feel wonderful. Thanks, Paola. :) So, I am ready for an eventful evening.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OMG another exciting event I received a complimentary copy of Somerset Sudio Gallery Summer 2011 because my collage was published in this issue. Boy, am I thrilled. I sent in my version of "poppy" and gave it a real twist. Everything fit together because I like chickens and I like words and play on words. This was sent in last year in August before I left on vacation. So, I have a big smile on my face. Now to see what their latest challenge is...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mail Art I belong to a group of 4 ladies that swap art on some sort of envelope each month. Our first theme was "all about me and where I live". Since I had never done this sort of art before, some of the pieces on my envelope were not as secure as I had wished. I did collage over everything and I added see-through tape around the top and the bottom. One of my swappers sewed the end of her envelope so I could just pick the stitches out. My other friend put hers in a bubble bag and I snipped off just a little on the end. I received a little bonus gift in the packages. Since I love mail, it has been great to get something other than bills or junk mail. If you add 20 cents, the PO will hand stamp it so it doesn't get all torn up in transit. I sent three little goodies in mine. Since my California friend has not received hers yet, I won't give it away. I have been busy all week working on the new theme "royalty" which is due June 16. It gives me practice in color, collage techniques, and stamping. I have been making my own rubber stamps which has been really fun. I have also made faux postage stamps. I am working on a little surprise for each of my swap buddies. I have to get some ribbon and hopefully find a new rubber stamp to finish the project. When everyone has received their art, I will post pictures or you can view them on Flickr.

Friday, May 13, 2011

First Art Show of the Year Just a little behind in posting my first juried show for 2011. The Artcenter, of which I am a member sponsored a juried art show held at the Munson Hospital. Two of my collage were chosen. "Butterfly Vision Quest" was sold. I was a happy camper.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mini Envelope Pocket Book of Quotes

I had so much fun making a mini book for my d-in-l. It is made from envelopes that were given to me. The envelopes are glued together creating pockets. I used scrapbook paper that A gave me and made tags to fit in each pocket. I don't own many stamps, but I used the ones I had and created a few. The tags are empty except for the first one. A loves to read and can put the found sayings on the tags. This little book turned out really cute and I was proud to give it as a gift.

Art Studio??? I think I need to get organized. I'm trying to figure out the best place to work. I really like to be near the sink, I like the bright light over the table (pictured), and I can do all kinds of other work inbetween processes. Most of my tools are in the green cupboard(pictured). The large items are in the little room upstairs. I change with each project. I try to put all of the needed paper, stamps, stamp pads, etc. on a tray for easy carrying and removal from the table. Sometimes this works and sometimes not. The biggest disadvantage is that the table needs to be cleared for meals. Many times I leave the project out overnight. So what to do? I really think I should move upstairs so I can leave everything out. I could move to the pole barn once the weather gets warmer and then I could have a space all to myself. Big decision.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exciting time... I went to my second art opening this year. "Crow Girl's Journey to Shanghai" was chosen to be in the Art Works Alliance Juried Show 2011. I was very pleased to be in such prestigious company. The show runs from May 4 to May 27 at the Art of Framing and Gallery in Traverse City, MI.