Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Journal Thanks to Lenna, I was inspired to start an art journal. And thanks to the thrift store (can't live without it), I found two little journals and plunged in. I have been trying out my Tim Holtz stamps and my homemade stamps. I put down a thin layer of gel medium because the paper seemed so thin. Then I used acrylic paint as a wash. I stamped and added some pretty wrapping paper i have been saving. I made a new stamp from a toy ( also found at the thrift store). It worked great using blue paint and then pushed into the wet blue paint. I learned that I need to watch the middle of TM stamps so I get a good image. I love the colors and am pleased with the overall look. I'm wondering if I should make it a journal.


  1. Great colors - blue and orange are always striking together, being opposites on the color wheel. And I like the bird theme a lot.
    On a different subject - your Where I Live (2nd try) mail art showed up! What a wonderful envelope - you do good work and I'm so glad you re-did it for me. And the Aesops fable page is almost too good to use in anything, but I will. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment beth, you made me laugh! (i should accept that i am a creative genius!) Well, i don't know about that, but I appreciate your very kind words. Hey I am so glad I influenced you about starting an art journal. This spread looks great, I love the wash idea. If my pages are too thin I usually glue 2 together or glue papers on first, then add something. I like the birds & the swirls, very cool. I am going to answer your question about "?? after may, what will you do" regarding my art journal today, when I post my latest spread. thanks for asking, you were paying attention annd it is something I have been thinking about! : ^ ) lenna