Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mail Art I belong to a group of 4 ladies that swap art on some sort of envelope each month. Our first theme was "all about me and where I live". Since I had never done this sort of art before, some of the pieces on my envelope were not as secure as I had wished. I did collage over everything and I added see-through tape around the top and the bottom. One of my swappers sewed the end of her envelope so I could just pick the stitches out. My other friend put hers in a bubble bag and I snipped off just a little on the end. I received a little bonus gift in the packages. Since I love mail, it has been great to get something other than bills or junk mail. If you add 20 cents, the PO will hand stamp it so it doesn't get all torn up in transit. I sent three little goodies in mine. Since my California friend has not received hers yet, I won't give it away. I have been busy all week working on the new theme "royalty" which is due June 16. It gives me practice in color, collage techniques, and stamping. I have been making my own rubber stamps which has been really fun. I have also made faux postage stamps. I am working on a little surprise for each of my swap buddies. I have to get some ribbon and hopefully find a new rubber stamp to finish the project. When everyone has received their art, I will post pictures or you can view them on Flickr.

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  1. B - so glad to have found you. Was not sure if Leslie had recieved your envelope or not. I may take you up on your "supplies" offer - any old ephemera will do for me....LOL> Jewels