Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim Holtiz Stamps Well, looks like I am heading down a new path in my artwork. I was greedy and ended up with 7 Tim Holtiz clear stamps. Got them on e-bay for about half price. I saw them in so many magazines and at the store, but never owned any. My stamping involves stamps that I have created. I use craft foam to create a design then adhere it to bottle caps... mostly milk jug lids. Honey jar lids work great for making circles because they have a little handle. I cut a stip of my flip flop and made a nice texture. I like to put crosshatching on tissue paper and make a transfer. I've become quite skilled at using bubble wrap. The fact is, I really like coming up with ways of making custom made stamps. With that said, I am also happy to see all of these really cool stamps with sayings and scrolls and tickets. I like them, but I hope my work can stay original and not like so many others out there.


  1. We should do a 'home made stamps' theme for our mail art one of these times. I broke a wine cork in half and stamped with the two broken ends. That came out pretty well. It's amazing what's around the house that looks cool with ink on it.

  2. I am sure you can stay original, beth! Think of stamps as simply "tools" and see what you can do with them : )) Thanks for letting us know about your blog. It took me a few days to get here as I had a visitor from my home state . . . your blog looks good!