Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flowers from Eogra

Blue Moon Flowers

North Wind Floral

The three pieces above have been accepted at the "Map It " show at the Riverside Gallery in Ypsilanti.  They were created with maps in the background, collagraphs, relief printing, and collage.  This will be the first time my printmaking has been in a juried show.  I'm pleased (see that big smile from ear-to-ear).

How-to- Collagraph

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Final paper ready to be cut for postcards  My latest experiments have been with collagraphs.  I'm sure there are many ways to create such a thing, but this is my attempt to explain the process...some are more complicated than others.  I am making postcards to send to my MailArt buddies. goes.

I found this

unusual piece of cardboard and thought it would be the bases for my print.  I painted it with acrylic paints and then placed a sheet of ordinary computer paper on top, rubbing in the grooves and all around.  When I lifted the paper, not as much paint came off onto the paper as I thought would, but that is the beauty of printmaking.  It actually left dots and stripes from the corrugated parts.  Left it to dry.
Next, I inked up this leaf plate.  Cut leaf shapes glued to a heavy matte cardboard.  Lined the paper up on the plate and rubbed all around with my fingers and a spoon.  Check out the leaf shapes in the background.  Sorry, didn't take a picture of this whole process.  Next time.
Painted some bubble wrap and randomly stamped around.
Here is another cardboard collagraph that I have used on other prints.  I inked it up with an opaque blue acrylic, placed the paper ontop and again rubbed the surface with my fingers and a spoon.  I really like the way this paint lets the other shapes come through.
This time I inked up this bird and flower made from a foam sheet and glued on to a sturdy cardboard backing.  I used a regular black stamp pad.  Then stamped with my small leaf stamp and  added a strip of washi numbers tape.
Cut off the excess ready to create  my 5" x 7" postcards.  I'll glue this paper to a file folder backing, sew around it, and it's off to California and downstate Michigan.  Sorry, no surprise, but I hope that explains. 

5,000 Giveaway

Friday, July 5, 2013

It's happened again.  How wonderful...5,000 hits on my blog.  I am so grateful for the encouraging comments and positive reinforcement I get from so many of you.  I enjoy my blog peoples, my mailart buddies, and my family and friends, near and far, who tune in to my efforts.  I especially appreciate that you let me wander here and there and don't mind my random experiments.  a big THANK YOU!  So, with that said, any visitors that leave me a comment in the next few weeks, will be a part of my Giveaway.  I have some new giveaway plans in the thinking, so don't be shy.  (Leslie, I think you get double, because I didn't send yours on the 4,000 giveaway- naughty, Bethy)

HUgs and kisses.

Hazy Daisy Summer

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hazy Daisy Summer
Collagraph, relief print, collage,
All of my favorite color combinations to make blueberry daisies, lime leaves and a background of turquoise and sky blue..  I have used my original plates over and over again.  The addition is the leaf plate down the middle and in different colors on the sides.  I used a lightweight cardboard and like how areas pulled away the cardboard.  The downside is that plate probably won't last long.  I have been studying leaf forms when I take the dog for a walk.  This is the great experiment with endless designs.