Sketchbook Project 2012

Friday, December 16, 2011

Brooklyn Art Library
A new adventure awaits.  Thanks to my friend, Lenna, I will be participating in the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition sponsored by the ArtHouseCoop and housed at the Brooklyn Art Library.

I recieved my brown sketchbook and have been planning and thinking about it for days.  Even though my book is Untitled, the theme is postcards from places I visited on an around-the-world trip I took with my dear friend, Rebecca, in 1969.  My postcards are collage inspired by Nick Bantock (my idol).  So far, I have completed one postcard and have four others awaiting me on my desk.  I wish I had original ephemera from my trip, but alas, who would have thought that I would want or need it now.  Luckily, the book is not due until April 2012.

I'm wondering if I should paint the pages...they seem so thin.  Lenna has taken her's out, added foldout pages and rebound the book.  I don't think I am that ambitious, but I want the postcards ( mostly 4" x 6") to have a suitable background.  And the background can't be too busy so I may stick to just a solid color.  So many questions.

Does anyone, who has experienced this book, have suggestions?  Should I try watercolor crayons?  I really don't have anything to practice on other than old computer paper which seems to be about the same weight.  What about glue?  Acrylic medium?  Seems a little wet.  Maybe Yes Glue.  Might experiment and glue my postcards to one piece and then glue that piece into the book.  Seems like that would be a problem since the book is suppose to be only 1" thick when finished.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Off and arting. 


  1. Beth, you are sweet to mention my influence on you, I do hope it's good!! ; ^ )
    The pages in this current sketchbook are a little thicker than the one I worked in last year, can you imagine?? Anyway, if you are creating separate postcards you could use Yes glue on the pages of the sketchbook and press your postcard into the page? It will make it thicker, but not too thick, I think. If there is still blank page around the postcard after gluing them in you could paint the edges, or use watercolor crayons, or other bits of paper?try putting a postcard into one of the blank pages with yes glue and see how it works out. Any questions, just holler! lenna

  2. Thanks, Lenna. All good advice. Stay tuned!xx bb

  3. The sketchbook project is one I've always wanted to take part in, but haven't committed to. Have fun!