Sketchbook Beginning

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inside cover..tried some stamping.  Love the brown, black, and white combination.

First postcard...used some already painted paper, vintage heart diagram, vintage Hopi pottery postage stamp, tea bag label,  TH clock stamp, and a sentiment.  More to come when you see the back of the postcard.

India...Taj Mahal.  Used white paint on crinkled image, vintage stamps, fabric label, antique image of Indian postcard, and painted entire surface with YES glue.  Stamped with my favorite flipflop spiral stamp.  I think the chick postage stamp is from Tammy in our paper swap.  (Please correct me if I am wrong).  I really am not sure about the YES glue surface, but will see how it dries.  I'm gluing the entire postcard to the book page with YES glue.

I really like the sepia colors against the book cover.  Can't paste in the Taj until I have my final book layout to know its placement.  Thanks for the advice, Lenna.  You are GOOD inspiration.  Any advice or comments are appreciated.  I have one more postcard finished and one waiting for that extra something.  My desk is a mess! LOL


  1. Yes, that postage stamp might be from the collection of cancelled stamps that I mailed you in the exchange. Beautiful work! Thanks for breaking it down so I can understand how all the layers/pieces come together. If sepia/weathered/vintage are part of the overall theme, you might also try dried tea bags opened up and stitch on top/behind some collage, as well as some torn/smudged masking tape, maybe even some rusted metal or foil.

  2. Wonderful work B - is this for a class you are taking or are you "venturing out"? I've got one mixed media project I am working quietly on for myself - no deadlines so good for over the holiday rush :)Jewels

  3. Great suggestions, Tammy. Did you notice the cloth label I used? I have a postcard I want to do from Tailand and Malaysa. Mabe this will be the spark for them. Jewels, Thank goodness the deadline is April...see my previous entry. But, I'm an over-achiever an once on a roll, can't stop. LOL

  4. That's Thailand and Malaysia...pardon the spelling ellors.