Sketchbook Project 2014

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sketchbook Project 2014
Title of Sketchbook:  Postage Stamp People

Learning to Dance
Zetti Ladies
Deadline for Sketchbook Project 2014 at the Brooklyn Art Library is January 14.  So, quess what is on my desk in the studio?  I'm busy working away at my postage stamp people.  The fun part is finding the bodies to go with the heads.  Sometimes I do a complete body change as with my zetti striped ladies.  They aren't finished yet... need some sparlking crowns and some wings.  The side papers are a quick treatment of stamping, painting, splattering, etc of a large sheet, then cutting it up the size I need.  I learned this from doing postcard exchanges.  This is a nice break from my other projects (solo art show booked for Jan. 2 and Christmas, of course).  Other Sketchbook peeps?  How are you coming? I'd love to hear from you.  More to come.


  1. You need to get crackin B! Do you still need "heads" I can pop some in the mail for you....