Collagraph plate and print

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Collagraph , collage finished
Collagraph plate

Interested in collagraphs?  Perhaps these pictures will help you understand.  The bottom photo is of the collagraph plate created with cardboard cut outs glued to a stiff matte board then shellaced to keep all in place.  The plate was rubbed with oil paint and then the paint was wiped off.  The above print was pulled from a run through a printing press.  The neat think about printing on a press is that the paper is embossed.  Remember, you will get a reverse image.  The plate was run through twice with the second time adding tissue. I added tissue and painted paper on top of the printed image. I think the plate is cool and probably will mount it to be on display with the finished prints.  More about collagraphs next time.


  1. Love the print, reminds me somehow of cave drawings (petroglyphs?) Or batik. The white accents set it off well. The plate is cool too. Wonder what it would look like printed in those sorts of grays?