Color My World ATC Swap w/ Creative Lenna

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Color My World ATCs are finished. They're ready to be sent to Creative Lenna. Here are my cards:

Color My World Rose Pink.

This card has a printed background using my spiral flipflop print. Using the same stamp, I printed on waxed paper. The rose image is glued to the pleated waxed paper and then glued to the card. Just at the bottom, I added pink rickrack . The stamp is a faux stamp creation, small rose from a magazine glued over top of a 15 cent US Postage stamp. Then it was tinted with some of the water I had been using while printing. Canceled the stamp with one my Paris stamps and glued it with Yes glue. Take a closer look...I'm most pleased with the waxed paper stamping which gives the rose extra petals. :)
Color My World Sweet Violet

Styrofoam stamping on bright violet cardstock. Purple dyed paper behind a velvet flower from a Victorian tussie mussie. Image of violets from Graphics Fairy. Purple stamp from a newly aquired book of stamps collected in the 50's Over printing with my new dots stamp from Micheal's dollar bin. I was thinking of "Sweet Violet", the song, when I made this card. :)

Color My World Leafy Green

Styrofoam stamping upon stamping on a polka dotted piece of cardstock. Added images from magazines. Butterfly is from a paper napkin. Stamp is from Norway and is sewn with vintage embroidery floss. The background intent is the dappling of leaves, thus, Leafy Green.

This was a so much fun. Can't wait for the exchange to begin.

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  1. Rose pink, sweet violet and leafy green -yum! I love the sound of those colors -- and the cards you made to illustrate them. Thanks, Beth! I look forward to receiving them.