Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mail Art for July: You Bug Me. Everyone received their MailArt without a hitch at the beginning of the month, so I can put the buggers on display. Lots of fun making this. I cut a file folder to make a long envelope. I made it about a half inch too long so it had to go as flat mail. The whole post office thing is another story for later. I found an ad with ants and using gel medium made a transfer at the bottom.

The challenge was to draw and so I drew beetles, dragonflies, ants, butterflies and an assortment of other insects. I also drew a beekeep and lots of lady bugs and flies.

My new project was to carve a queen bee out of a pink eraser and a Mail Art stamp. Mission accomplished, so I have a whole swarm of bees on the envey. The PO lady helped me with the butterfly stamp and the love stamp which looked very cute. Inside, everyone got packages of 1900 embroidery floss that I found while thrifting. I was so excited, I could hardly wait to send the packages off. So, done until the next challenge: cowgirls.


  1. You did such a great job on these B and I loved my "gift". J

  2. I loved receiving this, Beth! Thank you.

  3. Beth, I have a blog now!!!! And I made my first entry in the sunday postcard art challenge. Check it out at Enjoy!