Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Blue Butterfly and Rose" Collage on Canvas #9 That is the end of 5x5 canvas work until the next order . I have really enjoyed experimenting with stamping, color, and design. This canvas had stamping upon stamping upon stamping. Then I stamped the same designs on pink card stock. I wrote in squiggle letters around the canvas and used a gold gel pen to do the same ( I learned that the gold smears when I added gel medium). After trying out a number of images and overthinking it all night long, I decided to try using just paper squares. I noticed I had some dyed paper and the colors matched perfectly. That changed the whole concept. I layered the dyed paper and printed squares, added a rose image, and then added the tissue butterfly. Lastly, I couldn't help myself and played with the black squiggle lines that showed through. Name's done. I really like the soft colors.

Probably enough with the butterflies. They are on my mind... I plant fennel in my garden as the host plant for swallowtail butterflies. I watched 6 small black caterpillars grow to the size of my little finger. They have disappeared so I imagine they have each formed their chrysalis. Another 4 little black caterpillars are chopping their way through the fennel. This time I am going to put one in a jar so Ican watch it hatch.

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  1. This one is pretty. I liked the one before also, just didn't get by to leave a comment. You did a great job on all of these, definitely showing your own style.