1000 Posts Giveaway Creative Lenna

Monday, August 8, 2011

I am happy to tell everyone about the 1000 Posts Giveaway that Lenna has initiated at her website. Lenna is a wonderful teacher and accomplished artist. I have been a part of her Collage on Canvas class and her Yahoo groups. She has a number of creative swaps going on right now including an ATC swap and a Postcard swap. I am involved in both of these swaps and have learned so much from Lenna's thorough instructions. I keep track of Lenna as she experiments in her Art Journal and posts the activities from her many classes. She is also a part time MailArt friend. Her knowledge and encouragement has opened up so many doors for me. She is my far away neighbor, but as close as my computer. So, this very talented lady has been posting and has reached 1000 posts. WOW! What an accomplishment! Congratulations, Lenna. Check out her classes, swaps, tutorials, and this giveaway by going to:


  1. Beth, Thank you so much -I am blushing now. Very glad though that I could be of some help and inspiration, not to mention some FUN with mail art! I really appreciate all your kind words and have put you down for 3 chances at the prizes! ; ) Lenna

  2. YOU stop telling folks about it (Har, Har)...waiting by my post box anxiously...Jewels (3 cheers for Lenna)