Wedding Collage

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I put the finishing touches on a commissioned wedding collage honoring my friend's, son's wedding. (Boy, that was a mouthful). Brought back from their trip to Portland was a rock, a shell, beer coaster, wine lid and label, and a map of the area. I was sent photos of the wedding bouquet and the landscape of the wedding site...Haystack Rock. With a bit more information about the couple's stay, I found logos which I added to my collection. The key and the "G" charm rounded out the "stuff "to be used. I started by covering the entire surface of Multi-purpose board with "Taffy" acrylic paint. Next, my special squiggle writing message. I stamped the couple's names, places they went, food, and wedding sentiments. I used a copy of their map to make the background and then I built textures from there. I did stamping with bubble wrap, printing with my styrofoam designs, and additional card stock printing to create the layers. And, my flip flop stamp to add some depth.

Last, I added the memento's, and....viola, end results...a black framed shadow box. .

My friend is happy, I am happy, can't wait to get the reaction from the newly weds. I say, CHEERS, and what a thoughtful gift.

Save your mementos if you want a collage made.

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  1. What a GREAT gift! Something you couldn't buy for any amount of money, so infused with personal meaning. Very cool, Beth.