Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vintage Gluebook: Today's effort has to do with my dad. I am really fond of the picture of him holding up the gigantic potatoes they were harvesting. The picture is taken of the field next to the barn. It's houses now. In the background is my grandmother and probably my aunt Freda. The whole family is out working. No indication on the picture of who all of the children are. Interesting, my dad ended up being a potato farmer and housed the spuds in the basement of the house I live in. It use to be filled to the ceiling and to this day, I can smell potato smell down there.The next spread is also of my dad who went to the one room schoolhouse just down the road from his farm. He went through the 8th grade and took it over again because he said he hadn't learned enough. He is the one standing in the back. Also in the group were his sisters and the neighbor kids. I couldn't resist putting on the inscription in the Ecclectic Reader that I have been using. It is from Dad's Grandmother Saxton to all of the children in WU Bancroft's family. WU was my grandfather. Mary, has suggested using as much vintage paper as possible, but I had to add the Dairy coupon and some stamps that I had. No one will ever guess that they are from France.

It is hard to find the right colors and stuff. But, I am working on getting rid of stuff. The problem is that the book has already separated from its cover and I will need to do some repairs. I took out some of the pages toward the back. ( I'll never miss them.)


  1. I like both those spreads. Old pictures are always cool. I'm in progress on a journal of me, my mom, and her mother. I started during 4 Artists 4 Ways but haven't worked on it for a while. Should get back to it... Anyway, you're doing good at these.

  2. Wonderful, I see great changes just since the previous pages. I love the subdued colors you've used here.