Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Stamper Challenge: All Around MY Hat

Couldn't resist this challenge. Is this a Paris

Fashion statement or what? Tag shadowed with olive

chalk. Tim Holtz stamp of Eiffel Tower and

diamonds in the background. Frog image from

a vintage children's book with hat embellish-

ment added from that picture. A glitzy flower

topper. Then I added Tim Holtz flourish

around the edges. Finishing touch polka

dot ribbon. Merci!


  1. Geez, Beth - another winner! Good thing you retired as a teacher cause the artsy blogging world would have missed you. Great frog image and lots going on in the background. I think that's one of the things that grabs me most about your art without me really realizing it - all the background work. Very nice.

  2. C'est Manifique! Wow B you've really thrown yourself into this - very nice - do you have time for anything else (LOL) J

  3. LOVE this tag! the stamped background is amazing... thanks for joining in with the Sunday stamper x

  4. That's a funny collage, love the little frog.