Thursday, June 16, 2011

Theme Thursday: Summer
Summer, for me, is sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee, watching the birds and butterflies, tending to my gardens, breathing the fragrance of ragosa roses and sweet grass. Summer time is the color chartruese. The green foliage and the blue sky are wonderful after a long winter. Summer is a time to stay out late and get up early. Summer is sunshine!

Leslie has requested that I go through the steps of making this ATC. Here goes. I found some wrapping paper with peony, writing, and some scrollwork. I attached it to my ATC ( file folder cut to size) with a glue stick. Loving coffee, I sorted through and found a coffee cup in a magazine ad, cut it out, and glued it to the bottom corner. Next, I cut out a butterfly from some small napkins I found at a gift store (way too expensive for ART, but heck). I carefully pulled it apart and placed it on a layer of gel medium. Then covered it with a light coating of gel medium. This made my cup heave a little so I had to press it down around the edges and lightly add gel medium over the top of the cup. I found the word sunshine and edged it with Versafine black ink. I also edged the card with black ink. Waited for it to dry some and then used my Joann's , $1, stamp around the edges with black ink. Hopefully, you don't notice the smudge on the top where I held it before it was dry. This stamp set came with a little flower, so I added it to the composition. Viola, done.


  1. Another winner, Beth!
    Would you mind going thru the layers from bottom to top? There's a lot going on here and it's hard to sort out after the fact just by looking at it. I always like learning how people achieve a certain look.

  2. Well done B - if ever you want to do an "exchange" on an ATC let me know! Jewels

  3. Just a fantastic piece, wonderful colors.