Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Gluebook: Gee Gee (my mom). After doing two spreads about my dad, it was time to dig through the photos and find some of my mom as a child. It was even harder to find original paper stuff, so I used poetry and images from vintage children's books that she would have liked. The first photo is of piglets and it was probably my mom's chore to feed them. I thought the french pig dance would tickle her funny bone since it looks like the girl pig may be kicking the boy with her wooden shoe.

The second spread is of my mom and her younger sister Clarabelle. They were close in age and great friends. Mom is on the left. I just love the way her stockings are falling down. I thought the kitten poem very fitting because they always had cats and kittens, strays and mousers and always a tabby. I printed the photo on an end page from one of my old books (kitten poem is from the same book). I think it looks great.

I had to reinforce the pages. Hope I can get through at least two more spreads before the book is totally bulging.

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  1. Your doing a great job B! Did you see my posting on your Mail Art - waiting anxiously everyday to hear when you recieve mine! J