"Let It Snow" Entries

Friday, October 12, 2012

"Raven Blizzard" 12" x 12"

"Two Below Zero" 12" x 12"

Latest collage on canvas with a wintery theme:  Let It Snow.  Had a great time creating backgrounds with gesso and black paint.  Added corrugated cardboard, bird images, scrapbook paper., bingo chip, stenciling, white Japanese paper, and lots of bubble wrap printing with gesso and white paint.  As you can see, my idea of winter is not cutesy  These are my entries to the upcoming show in Charlevoix.  I'm pleased with the results, hope the juror is too.. 


  1. Wow, Beth... just wow. When I saw the raven first, I really liked it, but the snowy owl is great. I think you're getting the hang of this art thing, I really do. Good luck!
    Actually, looking back at the raven again, maybe I like it best. Looks like he's overlooking a stormy sea, while the owl looks lost in the clouds.
    Excellent work.

  2. These are wonderful B! Love the texture and the imagery...

  3. I love your winter pieces. Really good work!