"Sacred Crow" 12" x 12"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Sacred Crow"  12" x 12"

"Sacred Crow" represents the power of prayer.  She embraces all people: red, yellow, black and white.  With her heart in a good place, she sends tobacco bundles and a lone feather with prayers to the Creator.  She is thankful for her many blessings; the sky above, and the earth below, those who have come before her, all creatures.  She humbly sends her messages to the all-knowing Creator. 


  1. Another good one, Beth. The black checked over sized 'feathers' are cool. You definitely have a bird thing going on, which I like. Is this going in a show?

  2. very nice B! Looking forward to the day I come for a visit and see all your work in person!