Prayer Flag Swap

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The final prayer flag arrived this afternoon.  I participated in a 3 for 3 swap through Lenna's Creative Swaps.  Such fun making the flags and then the anticipation of receiving them.  It was definitely worth the wait! And such a beautiful, breezy fall day to display them on my garden gate.  I took many pictures, because the wind was blowing and the chickadees were flying past wondering what I was doing.  I was hoping to have one perch on the top of the gate, but no luck.  I couldn't resist putting the flags against my pole barn.  I thought it made a great picture. 

Oh, such creative flags!  First, a soft, sweet flag made from an old quilt.  Lace, and tatting, buttons and embroidery with a sweet message to match..."Friendship Gardens Always Blooming.  Lovely pastel vintage colors..from my Mailart buddy, Jewels (we swapped flags this month instead of mail).  Many thanks.  

Next, a striking black flag, batik fabrics, hand-dyed thread and lace, beads, buttons, hand stitching and stamping.  This eye-catching flag is from Shirley with one of my favorite ideas ..."Random Acts of Kindness".  Shirley sent a story about just this very act that happened to her on the way to work one day.  Thank you Shirley, a good idea to practice everyday.  

In the middle is a bright flag from Tina.  Batik fabric, cone flower photo, with the message "believe".  Tucked inside is a little blue heart and the word "love".  She also stamped "We all have our own kind of dream".  All wonderful prayers to send to the universe.  Thank you so much, Tina.  

Next, from Leslie, my Mailart bud in California, is a serene flag.  Dyed linen and lace.  Old lace, beaded, stamped and hand-stitched.  Love the muted colors.  Beautiful!  Message: "confidence".  WOW,  thank you L.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  

Finally, a cool flag from Gretchen.  "Take Time".  Nicely stitched,  colorful, and whimsical.  I love the little pink birds at the top with a little bling.  Fitting message, thank you Gretchen.  

With that final message, thank you all.  And, thank you Lenna for organizing this swap. You have connected me to Leslie and Jewels and now Shirley, Tina, and Gretchen.  I am blessed.


  1. These are all lovely! I had such fun in the swap and I'm glad you like your flag.

  2. what a wonderful post, Beth! Thanks so much for taking the time to hang your received flags, let the wind blow, take a photo or two and share them with us! Very awessome, thank you my friend!

  3. What a wonderful collection B! I am just getting ready to post about mine - yours look lovely together and especially like the pic showing them flapping in the breeze...J

  4. A lovely collection...may they send the peace message along with the breeze.

  5. Beautiful beautiful flags, they look so lovely fluttering in the breeze :)

  6. Beautiful prayer flags. You have a sweet collection there of totally unique and gorgeous flags.