Tag Tuesday~Goosey or Goose,Goose, Duck

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here is a short tutorial on how I made my Pop-up tag card.
Gather tags...a Tim Holtz tag and a yellow tag from a car freshener.  I stamped on my chicken wire stencil and folded up the bottom of the tag.  Find duck and goose images.

Cut out duck image, glue to the Tim Holtz tag (of course you don't have to use a TH tag...I just happen to have had it on my desk and it is just the right thickness for my pop-up image.)  Turn up the bottom of the card to make the image stand up.
I adhered the duck image to the base of the yellow tag with some decorator tape on the back side..  This makes it easy to adjust.  Then I cut a thin strip from the same TH tag to use for the pop-up mechanism.  Stick to top of duck image, cut two slits in back yellow tag and thread the thin strip through the two slots.  Now's when you may have to make some adjustments.  Check out the movement of the front image when you close up the bottom flap.  The thin strip in this pop up doesn't move, but it makes the duck stand up away from the background.  I used double sided tape on the duck image to hold in place and I was able to move it forward to adjust the pop-up.

Add background image and dot tissue.   I like tissue because it can be put into the background in small pieces.  And it looks really cute with the duck's outfit.  It also softens the goose images. Besides, I like purple.  Maybe you already guessed that.
I again adjusted the back strip so that my duck would stand up better. You are looking at the strip of paper going from the top of the duck through the little slits.  By using the tape, I could undo it, adjust it, and then tape it back together.

Cover the bottom and the back with card stock.  I used green paper. Create a message on the bottom if you like.  Add colorful ribbon at the top of the tag.  Finished pop-up in the garden. I'm really pleased with the results.  Cute, huh?  Enjoy! bb

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  1. It's a wonderful tag idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Nice and cheery