2,000 Hits Giveaway

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wow! 2,000 hits.  Time for a giveaway.  Thank you to everyone for viewing my blog and leaving lovely comments.  It is very encouraging to know that peps are interested in my art and my adventure.  Again, A BIG THANK YOU!!!  Here's where it started: "Balancing Act".  The first collage that I sold.

So, leave me comments until April 30.  (I extented the time since everyone is so busy)  Tell all your blog buddies.  I will give away 5 items.  More details to come.  bb


  1. 2000 visitors... The interwebs is an amazing thing, isn't it? It's made us both more connected and more isolated. Strange...

  2. Wahoo count me in B :)....any arrivals at your door from mine? I still want to come up this summer for a visit to see your stuff in person...Off to the cottage on Friday. J

  3. Oh no I feel robbed of the chance Beth, am I too late? I was so busy doing my craft fair yesterday I didn't get chance to look. Please please include me. Not that I am begging or anything
    One I made Earlier Today