Grand Hotel art entry

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"The Grand and The Turtle"
Here is my entry for the famous Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  This contest is sponsored by the Historic Parks of Michigan.  The Grand, with the world's longest porch, sits on the Great Turtle.  The name Mackinac derives from the Indian name for the Painted Turtle.  Mackinac Island...such an interesting place.  No cars allowed.  Usually one store and one bar opened during the winter.  In the summer a bustling bike riding, carriage riding, tourist adventure.  Lots of fudge shops and tourists affectionately called "Fudgies".  I am familiar with this mystical place since FB worked on the Grand Hotel one winter during a major remodeling project.  We lived on Main Street above the bank.  Definitely an unusual place.  And yes, I lived in the Grand and ate from the gourmet kitchen.  I once skied across the ice from St. Ignace to the Island...7 miles. For a person who doesn't like water, I can't believe I lived on an island.  Hope my entry is accepted.


  1. I've been there! When I was a kid, we always headed north in the summer to camp and canoe and play in the dunes.
    Neat piece. Puts me in mind of an old wall covered with faded and torn posters from the past, and the latest poster for the Grand. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. How funny B - reminds me of all those "Legends" books published over the last 10 years. And I have NOT made it over to the island - which I am bummed about. One of these days.... Somewhere In Time is still one of my favorite chic flicks LOL. J GOOD LUCK