Valentine's Day`Tag Tuesday-Brownie Pop-up

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tag Tuesday had me wondering what to do for the Valentine's Day theme.  I had arranged my Victorian pop-up cards on the table with a big bouquet of roses from my honey.  The pop-up cards were my inspiration.  Had to make one.  Here what I did (mostly):
Cut out the Palmer Cox brownie (from Alpha Stamps) that I had stamped on my worksheet on my studio table.  I had been experimenting with the brownie carrying hearts.  I had used it for my MailArt(see Feb. MailArt).  I cut it out, glued it to a file card, made a few heart shapes around it and glued it together.  Found a small white tag, bent the tag up for the pop-up base.
The next part is the mechanical movement, unfortunately, I didn't take pictures, but by using a long strip of cardstock and cutting two small slits at the back of the card, and by using tape to readjust, I finally got it to open and close.  If there is enough interest, I will add that part.
From there, I added the ribbon at the top.  I didn't want to disturb the tape and the mechanism, so I decorated the back of the tag by gluing on strips of polka-dot tissue.  I could place circles on circles without causing any harm.  Since this is a small tag, it didn't take much to cover the background.
I considered using parts of a paper doily and had cut apart a heart and the lacey parts, but just too big.  I did use a small strip of red to add interest at the bottom of the brownie part and to reinforce it when it popped up.  I was afraid anything heavy would make it off balance.
Found my Love Valentine's stamp and stamped the bottom.  Then added a
few hearts.

There it is standing tall beside my little girl Valentine from 1932 and my little boy Valentine.
Can't wait to give it to my honey.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Well I sure would like to know more how you did it - feel free to email me! J