Tag Tuesday~Lace

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding Lace
I'm getting lots of practice making small creations.  It's good because you can try new ideas.  I'm also interested in the presentation.  Enjoy the other lovely tags at:


  1. Lovely Lace Tag B! I skipped this past week but have my Heart one lined up for Tuesday coming...

  2. Love the tags! Thnaks a mil for popping by my bog - it IS good to be home. I´m trying to fix up my studio space now, and then....back to CREATING!!! have a super weekend :)

  3. LOVE the tag! I also wanted to say thanks a mil for popping by my blog! It is FABULOUS to be back home again - I´m now working on fixing up my studio and as soon as that´s done - back to CREATING! My mind is bursting with ideas. Have a wonderful weekend :)