"Flowers Sing in my Garden"-Faux Encaustic 24"x 32"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Flowers Sing in my Garden"

Just a little fine-tuning and I will sign my name...that means I'm finished.  Posting like this is helpful in getting an overall view of the work.  I can see where there are a few needy spots.  This picture has about four layers of heavy gloss gel spread on with a palette knife over layers of paper collage.  The gel dries clear so it lets background show through.  It also gives the surface a texture.  The lilies are painted playing cards, stamen are pieces of embroidry floss.  Background is bubble wrap stamping, junk stamping, printed paper, magazine paper, and tissue paper.  The top layer hasn't been covered.  Last step is to add another layer of heavy gloss and then a glaze.  I need to experiment a little before I put on the final glaze.  Then on to the next.  My inspiration was Art Deco linoleum. 

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  1. Just beautiful Beth - love the texture -I clicked on the pic so I could get a closer look...J